Grupo Sal connects worlds!

For more than 30 years, Grupo Sal has been an important "voice of Latin America". The group is mainly active in Central Europe but especially in German-speaking regions. It connects multifaceted musical landscapes of Latin America with developmental and ecological issues. Grupo Sal's take is unique thanks to its traditional, contemporary, and classical music –performed with passionate virtuosity.

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Patricia Gualinga – “Die Welt im Zenit”

15.11.2020 Offenburg, 19:00Uhr
17.11.2020 Salzburg - abgesagt
18.11.2020 Ulm - abgesagt
19.11.2020 Fulda - abgesagt
20.11.2020 Bad Tölz, 19:30Uhr
23.11.2020 Recklinghausen
24.11.2020 Kleve
25.11.2020 Erlangen
26.11.2020 Neumarkt
27.11.2020 Borken
30.11.2020 Worms - abgesagt
01.12.2020 Herne
02.12.2020 Münster
03.12.2020 Hamburg
05.12.2020 Bielefeld - abgesagt
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Gioconda Belli – “Ich bin wie ein weites Land”

16.10.2020 München
Zu den Terminen

Alberto Acosta, Niko Paech und Grupo Sal DUO
“Buen Vivir meets Postwachstumsökonomie”

18.09.2020 Reutlingen 20:00 Uhr
02.10.2020 Erfurt, 20:00 Uhr
05.10.2020 Freising, 19:30 Uhr
26.10.2020 Witzenhausen
30.10.2020 Isingen - Rosenfeld, 19:00 Uhr
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Alberto Acosta und Grupo Sal
„Buen Vivir – Das Recht auf ein gutes Leben”

24.10.2020 Nürnberg - abgesagt
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Grupo Sal Duo – “Der Puls Lateinamerikas”

13.09.2020 Nettetal - abgesagt
04.11.2020 Walluf - abgesagt
Zu den Terminen

Grupo Sal Sextett – “Horizontes”

07.11.2020 Chemnitz
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We support many wonderful projects

The music of Latin America

Throughout the years, Grupo Sal has published a lot of high quality CDs and a number of concert readings with some exceptional prominent authors.

1. Lisboa 2. Gracias a la Madera 3. El Pilón 4. Tonada de Luna Llena 5. Alacrán 6. Carandirú 7. El Hacha 1 8. Sale Sobrando 9. El Hacha 2 10. Negra Maria 12. Toca


Grupo Sal

The search for an identity lead to the creation of this album. Once again, it improved the rich musical spectrum of Grupo Sal. Original compositions and exceptional, unknown pieces – interpretated freely: original pieces like CARANDIRÙ – an instrumental with urban character, LISBOA- a Bossa with intimate, quiet sounds or EL PILON – a cheeky Salsa.

Exceptional, unknown songs like TONADA DE LUNA LLENA – a milking song from Venezuela, EL ALACRÁN (the scorpion) – a fascinating drum piece from Kuba/Peru or GRACIAS A LA MADERA – a love song dedicated to wood,  sung passionately with three voices.

Play time about 49min / 2011




Ernesto Cardenal, Dietmar Schönherr, Grupo Sal


This CD reflects the lifetime poetic creation of Ernesto Cardenal. A selection of well-known and less known poems expresses the core message of his life work.

Dietmar Schönherr recites his friend´s poems with great insight. Grupo Sal contributes with songs and sounds composed especially for this CD and thus establishes a unique feeling.

The CD „Canto a la Vida“ contains mostly live recordings as well as unpublished recordings that were made under diverse conditions and a broad range of places.


We are very happy to have a common historic document together with Ernesto Cardenal and Dietmar Schönherr.

Play time about 65 min /2008


Träger der Träume

Gioconda Belli, Suzanne von Borsody, Grupo Sal

And God made me a woman…
Gioconda Belli embodies self-confident femininity in her writing. Her poems which are equally passionate and sensual, are full of faint irony longing for intimacy , but also a want for freedom. Suzanne von Borsody interprets these texts in a powerful and sentimental way. Grupo Sal accompanies this recital with Latin American music.

Play time about 61 min /2007

Träger der Träumemore...

1. Tango negro 2. Moliendo café 3. Tiempo de soleá 4. El loco 5. Maria 6. Anacaona 7. Chiquilín de bachín 8. Choropotó 9. Sicarios 10. Oyelo que te conviene 11. Flor de lis 12. Alfonsina y el mar 13. Visa para un sueño 14. El cachapecero

Sin Fronteras

Grupo Sal

„Sin Fronteras  – boundless“ is a journey through the musical landscapes of Latin America. Here, Grupo Sal traces the African, Indian and European roots of the music and presents it with contemporary stylistic elements. Grupo Sal’s catchy sound crosses borders from the Caribbean to Argentina – and everything in between. The musicians explore the wide horizon of Latin America in a sensitive and experimental way –  Merengue or Samba, Candombe or Milonga, Huayno or Tango – and pass on their rich experiences to the audience with passionate playing. In addition, Grupo Sal also picks up more recent influences rooted in modern, multicultural cities such as  „Flamenco-Rock“ or „Mestizo“.

Play time about 60:30 min /2006

Sin Fronterasmore...

Das Lied der Erde singen – In einer Welt der Gewalt

Dorothee Sölle, Grupo Sal

This is the last project Dorothee Sölle and Grupo Sal shared. It came to an unfortunate early halt due to her sudden death in March 2003. Created three months before her death, this CD with recordings of our last appearance together, simulatenously reflects the fragility and power of that great woman.

Play time about  64:48 min | 2003

Das Lied der Erde singen – In einer Welt der Gewaltmore...

1. Mediterráneo 10. Mares vacíos 2. Pedro Canoero 3. El Niño del Volcán 5. Balada de Outono 6. Contrabando 7. Canción a un Semejante 8. Ojalá que Ilueva Café

Canto del Agua

Grupo Sal

This CD is the musical embodiment of the programme „ Water is Life“. The songs are concerned with this diverse element: bubbling, foaming, powerful, flowing. A huge variety of styles and atmospheres from Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese music.

Play time about  44.23 | 1999

Canto del Aguamore...

Verrückt nach Licht

Dorothee Sölle, Grupo Sal

The theologian Dorothee Sölle presents her texts about topics like the madness of globalisation and resistance, ecology and feminism, mysticism and individuality. Some of her texts display her admiration for the Latin American theology of  liberation. Grupo Sal adopts the atmosphere of the texts and puts them into a musical composition.

Play time about  62:39 min /1999

Verrückt nach Licht (vergriffen)more...

De Maiz y Fuego

Grupo Sal

The liveliness of Central American and South American music. Traditional, but nevertheless interpreted in a modern way.

Music between lyrical intensity and vitality – arranged in the distinct style of Grupo Sal.

Play time about 62:03 min | 1996

De Maiz y Fuegomore...

Encuentros (out of stock)

Grupo Sal

Original compositions and modern Latin American music. Here influences from different cultures come together seamlessly as they do in Latin America.

Play time about 44:52 min | 1993


Encuentros (vergriffen)more...

500 Jahre Einsamkeit (out of stock)

500 years of loneliness ( out of stock)

Dietmar Schönherr, Viola Gabor, Grupo Sal

The first CD-production of the group , a critical-poetic collage on the subject „500 years conquest of Latin America“. The texts among others by E. Galeano, L. Rugama and Native American sages presented by Dietmar Schönherr and Viola Gabor, are interwoven with the music in a sensitive manner.

Throughout the CD, there is a synergy of recital and music. Compared to the other Grupo Sal CDs, it presents the largest musical spectrum ranging from indigenous soungs, melodies and instruments up to the composition of contemporary song writers.

Play time about 74:30 min / 1992

500 Jahre Einsamkeit (vergriffen)more...

1. La Pomeña 2. Lisboa 3. Abuela de Anta 4. Canto de Ossanha 5. Quedémonos Aquí 7. Mediterraneo 8. Feiticeira 9. Camina y Ven 10. Paloma 11. Trasnochados Espineles 12. Chiquilin de Bachin

The new album “Porta La Plata” by Fernando Dias Costa and Anibal Civilotti contains 12 songs which take the listener on a musical journey through Latin America. The duo gives the audience a feeling of a summer holiday even though the songs are concerned with a variety of different topics. Friends and fans of the duo can look forward to this journey.

Porto La Platamore...
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