"The world at its zenith" with Patricia Gualinga and Grupo Sal

‘Others surrendered, but Sarayuka won’t ever give in’


Patricia Gualinga, the historical  leader of the indigenous Kichwa community of Sarayaku.  

The indigenous community of Sarayaku has long led a successful struggle against territorial takeover and destruction by international oil companies, gaining worldwide notoriety as a furture-oriented model of resistance.

The Sarayakus call themselves „the people of the zenith“.


Patricia Gualinga places the struggle for territory and for a life in harmony with nature in an international context of a global strive for a sustainable future.

Gualinga’s female perspective as a spokesperson for her village is essential. She is also a role model and has brought together numerous women of different indigenous nationalities to protect the rainforest.

The story of Sarayaku radically questions the prevailing lifestyle and economic choices. The preservation of traditions and an independent move towards so-called modernity opens up a creative space for an essential dialogue at a time at the crossroads.

In conversations with indigenous peoples, we gain an insight into a relationship between man and nature that has largely been lost.


The stories and reports of Patricia Gualinga and the passionate music of Grupo Sal form a unique collage, which is not only informative but also questions things and encourages debates while also being deeply touching and moving. With the music of Grupo Sal in the right spots, we gain emotional access to the main ideas of the programme.

The moderators and translators, Laura Rupp or Riccarda Flemmer, help to shape the programme with their own perspectives, in-depth expertise and wide-ranging experience. Their political and professional input enriches the debate.




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