PLURIVERSUM Alberto Acosta, Sandra Weiss, GS SEXTETT, Johannes Keitel & int. Gast

With international guests

PLURIVERSUM combines modern development policy impulses and information from around the world with high-quality music and fascinating projections – an extraordinary multimedia event!

The overall project consists of a series of live-feed conversations with intellectuals, researchers, activists and politicians from all continents who are involved in significant social and environmental policy debates. We want to provide a stage for their voices to share their views and important social perspectives with the German public. By PLURIVERSUM we mean the recognition, acknowledgement and dissemination of an unrecognized or suppressed diversity of emancipatory perspectives.

The impetus for this modern concept was „Pluriverso,“ a lexicon of post-development co-published in 2019 by our friend and co-host of the program, Alberto Acosta.

Together with freelance journalist Sandra Weiss, Alberto Acosta and Grupo Sal will invite a prominent personality from a different region of the world each evening via live broadcast to highlight and discuss seminal thoughts, ideas and concepts. The audience will also be given the opportunity to ask questions of all the actors.

The thematic presentations will be musically framed by the Grupo Sal – Sextet and embedded in an aesthetic context of visual and thematic condensation by the projection artist Johannes Keitel.

The guest speakers‘ activity and research focuses on the following topics: Climate justice, human rights, rights of nature, strengthening civil societies, bearing witness to current conflicts, building bridges between Global South and Global North, new concepts, new perspectives, participation, rights of indigenous peoples, new social movements, disruptive developments. Overall, according to the motto: „What urgently needs to be done to change the world and create a more just place.“

For example in November 2022, the following relevant experiences and concepts were linked by the personal testimony of prominent representatives*: The struggle of indigenous people for the rainforest (Buen Vivir) – Patricia Gualinga, the growing protagonism of Afro-communities in Latin America (Sentipensar) – Marilyn Machado Mosquera, the successes of the struggle against the invasive oil claim in Africa, Nigeria (Ubuntu) – Nnimmo Bassey and the grassroots ecological movement in India (Eco-Swaraj) – Ashish Kothari.

Among these and others, guest speakers in the following events will be: Elisa Loncón (Chile), Eduardo Gudynas (Uruguay), Arturo Escobar (Colombia/USA), Nina Pacari (Ecuador), Ramiro Ávila (Ecuador), Ariel Salleh (Australia), Federico Demaria (Italy), Miriam Lang (Ecuador/Germany), Cormac Cullinan (South Africa), Tom Goldtooth (USA).





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