"Una patria de palabras." with Gioconda Belli and Grupo Sal DUO


With Lutz Kliche and Viola Gabor 

Expelled from her own country, all she has left is her language – now Gioconda Belli has been awarded the prestigious Reina Sofia Prize!

Gioconda Belli is one of the most outstanding personalities of the contemporary literary scene. This year she received the Reina Sofia Prize for her Ibero-American poetry. A native of Nicaragua, Belli’s words manage to touch souls and convey unique sensations to readers.
Belli became involved in political movements at a young age and contributed to the revolution in Nicaragua. She gained great popularity especially with her novel „The Inhabited Woman“, which refers to these years, and last but not least with her poems. No other woman from Central America expresses her desires and fantasies – be they political or erotic – with such self-confidence and linguistic power.

In the 1980s, Gioconda Belli’s political stance and writings brought her into the government’s sights as the Sandinista state became increasingly authoritarian. Despite all the difficulties, she did not let herself be dissuaded from her convictions, which ultimately forced her to leave the country – for the sake of her own safety. Belli now lives in Spain. Nicaragua’s authoritarian government revoked her citizenship and confiscated her property. In exile, however, she found new ways to raise her voice and stand up for her beliefs. This chapter shaped her writing and is reflected in many of her works, in which she addresses themes of exile, the search for identity, and political engagement.
The concert reading with Gioconda Belli offers an opportunity not only to hear her inspiring words, but also to gain insight into her personal experiences and the strength of a remarkable woman who, against all odds, stands unwaveringly for her convictions.

This formation with Aníbal Civilotti and Fernando Dias Costa emerged from the sextet Grupo Sal and has taken a distinctive place in the musical landscape in Central Europe. The Grupo Sal Duo is especially convincing because of its closeness to the listener and its great intensity. The musicians give shape to the vision of justice and love, they ignite with their music a joy of life that drives forward and makes the poetry of everyday life tangible. In the interplay with the performance, an unforgettable, rousing atmosphere is created.

The translation into German will be performed by Viola Gabor, for a long time the German voice of Gioconda Bellis. The interactive part of the evening will offer space for questions and will be moderated by the translator and Nicaragua expert Lutz Kliche. The tragic political developments in Nicaragua will certainly be a topic here.
The combination of Gioconda Belli’s poetry, the accompanying music of Grupo Sal Duo, the translation by Viola Gabor and the moderation by Lutz Kliche forms a unique and unforgettable cultural experience. Immerse yourself in the world of words and sounds and be inspired by this extraordinary concert reading.

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