Grupo Sal Duo

This formation with Aníbal Civilotti and Fernando Dias Costa emerged from the sextet Grupo Sal.

Grupo Sal Duo


The liberating joy of life, the hope that drives us and the power of dreams and visions…

… expressed with the passion and power of tangos and milongas – the everlasting melancholy of the bolero – the absent-minded ease of the Brazilian bossa and samba – the percussive beat of the candombe – the liveliness of the merengue and the cumbia – the seriousness of Argentinian zamba – the Caribbean cheerfulness of the son and guaguancó – the neurotic nature of the Peruvian waltz – and the legendary yearning of the Portuguese fado.

The liveliness of these socially critical songs and their relevance for today as well as the complexity and beauty found in the poetry of these songs…

who could do a better job at translating them into German whilst preserving the images, reading between the lines, providing background information and translating the lyrical passages?

moving between moods and styles with ease and bridging the gaps with humour and wit?

… than two of the most beautiful voices of Latin American music in Germany, who are also accomplished artists in these genres?


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