Grupo Sal Duo "The Pulse of Latin America"

This line-up with Aníbal Civilotti and Fernando Dias Costa emerged from the Grupo Sal sextet and has taken a unique spot in the musical landscape of Central Europe.

Grupo Sal Duo is valued for its intimate concerts.

Dignity winning over despotism and injustice, the poetry of everyday life, the mysterious magic of love, the desires of the soul: Grupo Sal Duo rewrites beautiful, cheeky, and exciting songs and ballads from Latin America as well as the Iberian Peninsula.

What makes this programme special? The audience is entranced by collages of images and colours by Johannes Keitel.

Colours and images embrace the sound of the music and the powerful Latin American pulse to create a work of art of traditional and modern iridescent beauty which takes the audience on a journey into an imaginary world of the South.

A liberating love of life, the hope that motivates us, and the power of dreams and visions…

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