Gioconda Belli and Grupo Sal DUO ‘Ich bin wie ein weites Land’ [I am like a vast country]

With Lutz Kliche and Viola Gabor



The Nicaraguan writer and poet campaigns for justice in her home country together with Grupo Sal Duo.

‘I will not die before this country is liberated,’ she proclaimed in spring 2018.

In her first collection of essays, ‘Ich bin wie ein weites Land’, we once again see how Gioconda Belli combines eroticism and feminism as well as her love for Nicaragua and her commitment to political discussion.


‘This book tells of memories that I have kept to myself until now, of struggles that – even when lost – had their purpose, justification and even victory. Wanting the impossible is never wrong. It is a way of challenging a bleak reality which often threatens to make us despondent.’ 

Gioconda Belli, foreword ‘Ich bin wie ein weites Land’

Together with Viola Gabor, the ‘German voice’ of Gioconda Belli and Lutz Kliche, an expert on Nicaragua and translator, Grupo Sal and Gioconda Belli show solidarity with the people of Nicaragua in view of the current political developments.

In an interplay with the conversations, the Grupo Sal DUO, Aníbal Civilotti and Fernando Dias Costa, create an incredible joie de vivre, strength and hope with their music.

 ’Writing has allowed me to reach out to others, both women and men; it has given me eyes to look beyond myself, to embody other people and to live as multiple people, to learn to love and suffer in the face of the splendour and misery of our human condition but also to question everything and, in the words of Rubén Darío, to try to understand where we come from and where we are going.’ – Gioconda Belli, foreword ‘Ich bin wie ein weites Land’.



Photo: Managua, Nicaragua. 23/07/2018. Entrevista con la poeta y escritora Gioconda Belli. Oscar Navarrete/THE SUNDAY TIMES


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