"Mich lockt die Liebe mit ihren Stacheln" Gioconda Belli and Grupo Sal DUO

With the volume „Mich lockt die Liebe mit ihren Stacheln“ the author from Nicaragua presents a collection of poems written in recent years. Still imbued with great sensuality are Gioconda’s love poems, still marked by passion her poems that revolt against the oppression of women and their sexuality everywhere in the world.
The brutal intensification of repression and persecution under the Ortega regime forced the writer into exile in Spain. Gioconda Belli’s poetry and essays of recent years bear witness to the increasingly dictatorial nature of the Nicaraguan power elite.
The program offers a particularly unusual combination of literature and politics: the lecture of the participants‘ own literary texts will be combined with reports and analyses on the current situation in Nicaragua and, if desired, extended by a discussion block. This will be moderated by Lutz Kliche.
In interplay with the spoken contributions, Grupo Sal DUO, Aníbal Civilotti and Fernando Dias Costa, ignites incredible joie de vivre, strength and hope with their music. This creates an magical atmosphere that will not be easily forgotten.

Narrator: Viola Gabor
Moderation: Lutz Kliche



Photo: Managua, Nicaragua. 23/07/2018. Entrevista con la poeta y escritora Gioconda Belli. Oscar Navarrete/THE SUNDAY TIMES


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