Fuego&Luz with Grupo Sal SEXTETT and Johannes Keitel

With the program Fuego&Luz, the fascinating musical spectrum of Grupo Sal SEXTETT is enriched with fantastic video mapping projections by projection artist Johannes Keitel!

The Latino cult band Grupo Sal, which has been founded already more than years ago, has become one of the most important ambassadors of Latin American music in the German-speaking world. No other band can offer a comparable spectrum of styles of this music genre with such intensity. The performance Fuego&Luz shines not only through the high quality music but also through the skillfully applied statements on current social and developmental issues.

Grupo Sal is the inspired interplay of virtuosity and passion and also independently of the programs, the band stands for a just world and a dignified coexistence.

The group consists of six multi-instrumentalists and multi-stylists: Fernando Dias Costa (vocals and percussion), Aníbal Civilotti (vocals, guitar and percussion), Branko Arnšek (bass), Harald Schneider (saxophone, clarinet) and Andreas Francke (saxophone, clarinet).

With Grupo Sal and Johannes Keitel the audience can escape into a world of passion and vitality as well as sound and color.


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