"All you need is less" with Niko Paech and Grupo Sal DUO

This event will once again feature the well-known economist Niko Paech. Paech is a prominent growth critic whose work has made him the leading thinker on post-growth economics in the German-speaking world. He currently teaches as a professor of Plural Economics at the University of Siegen.

In his books such as „Befreiung vom Überfluss [Liberation from excess]“ and „All You Need is Less,“ the sustainability researcher evaluates ways to leave our destructive growth path and find an end to excess.

In an entertaining way, Niko Paech pleadss for individual conviction to live a sustainable and consumption-free life and shows paths to create a resilient and just future.

The event will be musically accompanied by Grupo Sal DUO, consisting of Aníbal Civilotti and Fernando Dias Costa, who through their contribution will spread liberating joie de vivre and hope to welcome a change in our way of life with ease.

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