Alberto Acosta, Niko Paech and Grupo Sal

Alternative ways to a sustainable and fair future

In this series of events, the great latin american intellectual and advocate of the practice of “Buen Vivir” Alberto Acosta meets Niko Paech, professor of plural economics at the University of Siegen. Alternative social models are explored together:

The indigenous practice of “Buen Vivir” stands – next to a life in harmony with nature – for a new “ethics of development”, a social and solidaric management of economy, as well as a change in the way of life and doing politics. With his theories on post-growth economics, economist Niko Paech describes what a modern lifestyle that enables a “good life” for everyone could look like.

In a refreshingly relaxed and humorous way, they think of an end to exploitative and destructive depletion of resources. And they discuss, including the audience, the potential of Buen Vivir and the post-growth economy and how to shape a sustainable and fair future, taking into account factors such as resource scarcity and fair distribution.

Grupo Sal with its captivating Latin American music ensures that part of the good life that connects all cultures can be experienced directly this evening.

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