Ernesto Cardenal and Grupo Sal Trio “Mein Lebenswerk [My lifework]”

When Ernesto Cardenal received his honorary doctorate from the university of Wuppertal in March of 2017, we took the opportunity to celebrate his 92nd birthday.

By fusing readings from Ernesto’s lifework and Latin American music by Grupo Sal, we honoured the priest. Lutz Kliche read the German translation.


Gioconda Belli and Grupo Sal Duo “El intenso calor de la luna”

Gioconda Belli was on tour with Grupo Sal once again and read excerpts from her new novel “El intense calor de la Luna – The Intense Heat of the Moon”. Addressing topics such as secrets, experience, and adventures of a woman in her 50s, this novel shows us how the loss of female fertility can mark the beginnings of a personal revolution – in one’s marriage, love, and attitude towards other people.

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