Concert reading “Etwas das im Himmel wohnt [Something residing in the sky]” with Ernesto Cardenal on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Thanks to the success of the previous tour in June of this year, a new book of poems with new and not yet released poems by Ernesto Cardenal was published. This tour was meant to promote this book and celebrate Ernesto’s 90th birthday in combination with music by Grupo Sal Duo.


“Pan y Tierra” collage on the topic of land grabbing with Beat Dietschy and Katharina Morello

The concert reading “Pan y Tierra” dealt with the topics of land, sustenance, and justice in an unorthodox way: with music, poetry, expertise, humour, and a vision of the future. The participants talked about current questions and connected the dots in this complex structure of ideas. Reports, songs, and poems from different perspectives spoke to the heart and the mind. The programme was thought-provoking and encouraged action.

“Deine Küsse verzaubern mich [Your kisses entrance me]” concert reading with Pierre Stutz

The concert reading with Grupo Sal Duo and Pierre Stutz was one of many programmes with dedicated and extraordinary theologians like Ernesto Cardenal or the visionary Dorothee Sölle.

Pierre Stutz is a theologian, spiritual companion, and author. He travels through the whole of Germany with his talks and courses. He deals with mysticism, hope, and love and has sold over a million works. His newest book “Deine Küsse verzaubern mich” was the basis for this concert reading. He draws in the audience with his passion and openness.

“Die Frau lebt nicht vom Brot allein [Women don’t survive on purely bread]”

Until today, Gioconda’s poetry from the 70s is an expression of poetical and sensual power, insight, and the will to change one’s path in life. Her poems reflect her turbulent and passionate life. She talks about the loss of youth and goodbyes and talks about ageing in very self-ironic terms.


“Aus Sternen geboren [Born from stars]” with Ernesto Cardenal on the occasion of the release of his complete works

On the occasion of the release of his complete poetical works, Ernesto Cardenal came to Germany, Luxemburg, and Austria. Ernesto is especially well-known in the German speaking countries.

Grupo Sal celebrated its 30th birthday in this year. For about the same amount of time, it had accompanied Ernesto or other artists in their dealings with important topics connected to Latin America.


“Republik der Frauen [Republic of Women]” Concert reading with Gioconda Belli on the occasion of her new novel

Gioconda Belli read excerpts from her new novel and was accompanied by Grupo Sal. Her novel makes one wonder what it would be like if all men were banned from all jobs and if women took over the government. In Gioconda’s fictitious country Faguas this happens – with unforeseen consequences…

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