2005 - 2009


“Den Himmel berühren [To touch the sky] – songs and poems about love, revolution, God, and the world” concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal

“Den Himmel berühren [To touch the sky]” this sentence by Novalis is quoted by Ernesto Cardenal in one of his works. It was the leitmotiv of the 2010 programme, which was mainly dedicated to Ernesto’s literary and political legacy. Ernesto deals with the question of “What remains?”, which has a clear political dimension. Ernesto talks about his experience as a poet, human, and contemporary with selected texts.

“Spiel mir das Lied vom Brot [Song for the bread]” concert collage on food and justice with Katharina Morello and Ruedi Baumann

This collage was an expression of our desire to live in a more humane world. We approached possible solutions with music, humour, poetry, expert knowledge, and a hint of cheekiness. We also tried to encourage a collaboration between ethics and politics. We wanted to highlight difficult interconnected problems and inspire change.

Funny and exciting stories mingling with analytical reflections and musical as well as poetical counterpoints. A dialogue between worlds with songs, poetry, and essays.


“Träger der Träume [Carrier of dreams]” concert reading with Gioconda Belli

When Gioconda Belli reads from her poems, three decades of passionate womanhood pass us. Her erotic poems caused a scandal in the strict catholic country Nicaragua and her political poems criticising the Somoza dictatorship forced her into exile. Her poems look back at goodbyes and ignite a new fire with the love of life. Gioconda Belli’s poetry has been a symbol of poetical power, sensuality, and the will to change one’s life since the 70s.


“Canto a la vida” – poems on love, mysticism, and revolution” concert reading by Ernesto Cardenal

This concert reading reflected the poetical workings of Ernesto Cardenal in all its facets: his political thinking, his mysticism, his love for the Revolution as well as his love of God. In a selection of well-known and not so well-known poems, one could see the essence of his lifeworks.

Ernesto Cardenal and Grupo Sal wanted to celebrate the love of life and justice. They excited the audience with great poetical and musical quality.

“Sin Fronteras – grenzenlos [limitless]” concert reading

Grupo Sal transcends genres and boasts a catchy sound whose roots range from the Caribbean to Argentina and everything in between. With great empathy and a love to experiment, the musicians explored the wide horizons of Latin American music and presented their experiences with passion.

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