“Im Herzen der Revolution [In the heart of the revolution]” concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal, Dietmar Schönherr, and Klaus Götte

We were happy to announce Ernesto’s last piece of autobiography after 25 years had passed since the Sandinista Revolution. His memories granted exciting insights into a younger Nicaragua: ranging from the victory of the Sandinistas over the Somoza dictatorship until today.

“FAIRwandlungen – Traum einer gerechten Zukunft [A vision of a more just future] concert reading with Siegfried Pater

With this collage consisting of lively music, fantastical stories, and informative backgrounds, we expressed our longing for a fairer world: Poetical texts by Pablo Neruda and Heinrich Böll voiced a want for a more humane economy, read by the founder of multiple third-world initiatives, Siegfried Pater. Together with Grupo Sal, who presented the “riches of the poor” and sang about the power of human dignity, this evening described a world which is turned upside down.


“Ich bin Sehnsucht, verkleidet als Frau [I am yearning dressed as a woman]” concert reading with Gioconda Belli and Viola Gabor

Her poetry work “I am yearning dressed as a woman” is a testimony of poetical power and a desire to transform one’s own life and the course of history. Her poems reflect the realities of her feminine strength: lust and pain unified with rebellion and a desire to live.


“Solentiname oder die Poesie Gottes [Solentiname or the poetry of God]” concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Dietmar Schönherr”

The second work of his autobiography is concerned with life in the community of Solentiname, a place of contemplation, poetry, and a place of empathy for the poorest of the poor.

“Das Lied der Erde singen- in einer Welt der Gewalt [To sing the earth song – in a world of violence]” concert reading with Dorothee Sölle

With a selection of texts, Dorothee Sölle took on the topic of violence. She talked about the consequences of neoliberal economies: New forms of military violence, street violence, and effects which are felt most strongly by the poorest of the poor. Of course, our mother earth is also affected.


“Die blutroten Tomaten der Rosalia Morales [The blood red tomatoes of Rosalia Morales]” concert reading with Dietmar Schönherr

This book is yet another proof of Dietmar Schönherrs’s love for Nicaragua: a series of anecdotal stories which the main character tells the prison warden in turn for a lightened sentence.

On the occasion of the release of this novel, he went on tour with his friends from Grupo Sal.


“Nuevas Visiones – Entwicklung braucht Entschuldung [Development requires debt relief) concert reading with Wolfram Frommlet

This programme contrasted cheeky and ironic stories with political reflection. Music from the South took turns with modern poetry. A rational gaze towards broken dreams of the past releases power for the visions of tomorrow.

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