1995 - 1999


“Jeden Tag ein Fest – Geschichten aus Lateinamerika [Every day a party – stories from Latin America]” told by Dietmar Schönherr

This collaboration of Grupo Sal and Dietmar Schönherr produced a collage of contemporary music and texts. It was opposed to alienation, resignation, and injustice. Stories packed with humour, warmth, life, and compassion for human weaknesses showed the power of small daily gestures of fantasy and solidarity.

“Canto del Agua – Gesang des Wassers [Chanting of water]” concert programme

This programme was an amalgamation of tradition and reinvention. This programme treated water as an image of life: calm, in movement, tumultuous – a absorbing interplay of singing and multiple instruments. Powerful interpretations and soul-gripping arrangements beyond the purist model of ethno-sounds.


“Wasser ist Leben [Water is life]” concert reading with Siegfried Pater

This collaboration combined complex musical entertainment with crucial expert knowledge. The collage put human interaction with water into an artistic context. Texts from world literature were recited by Siegfried Pater but also reports by Maria Salete Pereira from the resistance movement against the Sobradinho-dam in north-eastern Brazil.

“Mit Liebe füllen wir diesen blauen Planeten [We will fill this planet with love]” concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Klaus Götte

Another tour based on “Cántico cósmico – Gesänge des Universums”


“Verrückt nach Licht [Crazy for light]” concert reading with Dorothee Sölle

An interplay of Latin American music and writings from this famous theologian. Dorothee Sölle read a selection of her own texts, prose, and poetry and talked about contemporary political topics such as ecology, feminism, and “global madness”. Further, she touched upon themes like mysticism and very personal topics.

“Den Kindern des Südens [The kids of the South]” a programme with Dietmar Schönherr

The programme was dedicated to the street kids working in Nicaragua. “Human rights tell us that child labour should be illegal. Are we stripped of our actual right to live?” This is what the kids in Managua asked us. The programme tackled this question.

“De Maíz y Fuego [About Corn and Fire]” concert programme

The programme built upon an interplay of poetical and powerful songs and the tension between exciting rhythms and lyrical melodies. We were told about the backstories of these songs and learnt about the translation of some of the lyrics.


“Von Träumen und Utopien [On dreams and utopias]” a music collage

Latin America: a worn-down continent, especially after a series of horrible dictatorships. And yet it is still a source of utopian concepts. This programme presented some of these utopian voices and celebrated the fight for freedom and justice.

“Gesänge des Universums [Singing of the universe]” concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Klaus Götte

Ernesto Cardenal presented his new book together with the actor and art historian Klaus Götte. “Cántico cósmico [Singing of the universe]” placed love at the centre of the entire creation story. This book of poetry with about 500 pages is nothing less than a book of scientific poetry; or poetic science.


“Erotic poems” and “Waslala” concert readings with Gioconda Belli

This was the first concert reading with Gioconda Belli and the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration which has lasted until today.

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