1990 - 1994


“Aber die Hoffnung bleibt [But hope remains]” concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Dietmar Schönherr

This is the first concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal, Dietmar Schönherr, and Grupo Sal

“Encuentros – Zauber gegen die Kälte [Magic against the cold]” music collage

A meeting point between music and poetry with original compositions and contemporary Latin American music and an intersection of different cultures and musical genres which mingle in Latin America.


“500 Jahre Einsamkeit [500 years of solitude]” concert reading with Dietmar Schönherr and Violar Gabor

Music and lyrics on the history of the “discovered” Americas

A critical collage on the 500-year long conquest of Latin America: the first Grupo Sal CD, where lyrics by Native American sages are interwoven with music.

“Caras – Gesichter Lateinamerikas: im Schnittpunkt der Kulturen [Faces of Latin America: at the intersection of cultures]”

In a time where the world becomes smaller and smaller and a lot of people fear strangers, we understand our artistic work as a means to bridge differences between cultures which often fail to understand each other.

The programme lived off the tension of different rhythms, colours, and atmospheres which define Latin American music. It also fed off the power, density, and modernity of Grupo Sal’s lyrics.

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