Marilyn Machado Mosquera

Marilyn Machado Mosquera is an Afro-Colombian activist and founder of the PCN (Proceso de Comunidades Negras), one of the most important organizations for the rights of Afro-Colombian communities in the struggle for their cultural identity, land rights and access to natural resources.

She was a driving force behind the major political and social protests of 2021 that ultimately led to the election of the progressive president Gustavo Petro and Afro-Colombian Francia Márquez as vice president.

As a sociologist, Marilyn Machado engages practically and scientifically with issues of alternative development and political ecology: In extensive studies of human rights, black women’s empowerment, the environment, Buen Vivir-Ubuntu, etc.. This work is based on her long-time experience with political, social, and cultural protests.

In November 2022, Marilyn participated in the program ‚PLURIVERSUM‘ as a virtual guest speaker.

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