Federico Demaria

Federico Demaria is an innovative researcher in ecological economics and political ecology at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a renowned interdisciplinary centre for environmental research. He was born in Italy and has worked in Catalonia for many years.

He has solid experience in international and national research projects and is currently deputy coordinator of the ERC project EnvJustice, which maps and analyses social conflicts between the environment and the economy. Demaria’s main research interest is to understand the relationship between the environment and the economy. He also addresses the question of why natural resources and environmental impacts are unequally distributed and how more socially just and environmentally sustainable worlds could be promoted. He focuses primarily on the Global South, India in particular. His work examines the interactions between ecological and social processes, focusing on spatial dimensions, biophysical dynamics, power relations, economic institutions, cultural narratives, political structures and the intersectionality of origin, gender and class. He is also co-editor of the book ‚Degrowth – A Vocabulary for a New Era‘.

Federico Demaria has already written several articles in high profile journals and newspapers such as The Guardian, The Ecologist or El Diario in the field of environmental and social sciences such as ecological economics and sustainable natural sciences.

Demaria has a proven track record in teaching and mentoring. He has also given over 100 lectures and presentations, mainly at scientific conferences, but also to the general public and policy makers such as the UK House of Commons and the European Commission.

Frederic Demaria is also one of the editors and authors of the book ‚Pluriverse – A Post-Development Dictionary‘, which inspired the PLURIVERSUM event series.

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