Eduardo Gudynas

Eduardo Gudynas is one of Latin America’s most influential and creative thinkers, known for his work on the environmental and social impacts of current development strategies in South America. He is also highly regarded for his analysis of alternative paths to sustainability, which he sees in the rights of nature.


He is currently the director of the Centro Latino Americano de Ecología Social in Uruguay, an independent NGO dedicated to the study and dissemination of social ecology. In this role, Gudynas has worked extensively on the issue of resource extractivism and alternative models of development and writes about social-ecological challenges in various media.


He is also the author of numerous books and articles on global justice and the environment. Most notably, he has actively contributed to the dissemination of ideas regarding the rights of nature and has emerged as a critic of obsolete concepts of development. He has also made an important contribution to the concept of ‚Buen Vivir‘, which has gained immense importance in recent years.


In 2015, he was named one of the 50 most influential intellectuals in Latin America and Spain by the Spanish digital magazine esglobal. Then in 2019, he was included by David Simon in the current edition of the book Key Thinkers on Development as one of the most important thinkers* on development issues. He writes frequently in various newspapers, magazines and web portals in Latin America. Gudynas has been awarded the Arne Næss Professor of Deep Ecology at the University of Oslo, in Norway and is a visiting professor at the University of Munich.

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