Ariel Salleh

Ariel Salleh is an Australian sociologist, scholar and activist. She has been a visiting professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa and is a professor of political ecology at the University of Sydney.

Salleh’s transdisciplinary writing is seminal to people’s relationship with nature. By restoring the value of local skills and indigenous knowledge to care in everyday life, Salleh explores issues of social justice and sustainability such as climate change and neoliberal green economics.


Her theoretical work draws on activist experiences in anti-nuclear politics, biodiversity conservation and support for women in Asia-Pacific in creating environmentally sustainable community alternatives. Her gendered critiques of ecosocialism, deep and social ecology, liberal and postmodern feminism have sparked international debates.


Ariel Salleh co-founded the movements against uranium mining in Australia and is a founding member of the Global Sustainability University.

She has previously been nominated for the Buttel Prize for Distinguished Contribution to Sociology by the International Sociological Association. Salleh is currently writing a multi-volume critique of discourses in environmental thought and generally works to promote and shape dialogue between advocates of ecofeminist and eco-socialist politics. She has published several groundbreaking books and articles.


Ariel Salleh is also known as one of the editors and authors of the book ‚Pluriverse – A Post-Development Dictionary‘, which inspired the PLURIVERSUM event series.

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