Alvaro L. Ramazzini Imeri

Bishop Ramazzini was born in Guatemala in 1947. In 1971, he was ordained a priest. He studied philosophy in Guatemala and theology in Mexico and in Rome.

Bishop Ramazzini supports the indigenous population by initiating projects with a focus on a fair distribution of land. Bishop Ramazzini is well known in Guatemala for his clear stance against violence, social injustice, and impunity. In the past few years, he has received multiple death threats.

Wolfram Frommlet, born in Ravensburg in 1945, studied German studies, art history, and music and theatre studies as well as singing in Tübingen and Munich. Since 1966, he has been working in various jobs, e.g. as a film and radio director, author, and actor.

A big focus of his work lies on international work especially in Africa and Asia, for which he has received a couple of prestigious awards.

He has been living in his hometown since 1996 and has mainly been working as a lecturer.

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