Abadio Green Stocel

Abadio Green is an incredibly important person in today´s Columbian society. He is not only a driving force in the emancipation of the indigenous people, but he is also a political and cultural meditator between the different worlds. He was one of the first indigenous people to study Theology and Philosophy. He also helped create the university degree “Pedagogy of Mother Earth” at the university of Antioquia in Medellin.


Abadio Green belongs to the indigenous people Tule in Columbia. He is not only a professor of ethnolinguistics, but is also the tribal elder. As a language researcher and intercultural researcher, he and his triebe, have designed a model which helps indigenous people to live and act in a traditional and modern world. He is the president of the OIA (Indigenous people of Antioquias) and a representative of the ONIC (National organisation of the indigenous people of Columbia).

The indigenous people of Amazonia have shaped the cultural landscape for 20,000 years. Even though the soil is everything else than rich, there is an incredible diversity of species. The indigenous people are experts when it comes to sustainability. Abadio Green is a voice and translator of this knowledge. He talks about his tribe´s way of life and its struggle for survival and autonomy in a very personal and direct way.

Abadio Green shows us in an inimitable way that the preservation of the rainforest is crucial for the future of all of us.

OIA: http://www.oia.org.co/

Link Universität Antioquia: www.udea.edu.co/

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