30 years after the release of her famous book “La Mujer Habitada“, the Grupo Sal Duo invites Gioconda Belli to Europe in the summer of 2018. Here, she will revisit her book and look at it through our modern lense.

Gioconda Belli is one of the most read Latin American authors in Germany. She grew up in Nicaragua and studied in the US and Spain. In her early years, she joined the liberation movement in Nicargua. She is not only well known for her books, but also for her poetry. It is hard to find a woman in Latin America who can express her wishes and fantasies in such a confident and in such a rhetorically sound manner as she can – whether political or erotic in their nature.

Next to the book reading, this evening will be concerned with the question of how women´s rights have developed in the past 30 years. Which dreams and demands remain and which ones have been met?

The reading and contextualisation of this book will revitalise the associations and memories of this magical time in Nicaraguan history: The revolution with all its sociopolitical and emancipatory successes and promises. This evening is meant to illustrate these memories and reformulate the remaining questions in the light of our modern understanding.

In this context, it is also interesting to note that women will have been able to vote for 100 years in 2018.

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