Philipp Neuner-Jehle (Germany)

Philipp Neuner-Jehle studied bass with a focus on jazz in Würzburg as well as music therapy in Heidelberg. He has played together with artists like Dave Bargeron, Michel Godard (NY, F), Hubert Winter (D), Bill Elgart (D), Marko Lackner (D) and Bastian Jütte (D). As the bass player of the Lumberjack Bigband, he has also shared the stage with people like Peter Kraus, Guildo Horn and Helge Schneider. He was part of a variety of different projects in genres ranging from jazz (James Crutchfield Quartett, Lumberjack Bigband), alternative and experimental music (Isabelle Pabst & Cluster of Lights / Jonas Bolle) as well as world music (Mayada Music - Ikumu) and Latin American music. Philipp is a music therapist and a lecturer at the University of Heidelberg.

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