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Grupo Sal Sextett „HORIZONTES“

Eduardo Galeano „Geschichtenjäger“
Grupo Sal Duo und Lutz Kliche

Gioconda Belli und Grupo Sal Duo:
30 Jahre „La Mujer Habitada Bewohnte Frau“

Grupo Sal Duo
„Der Puls Lateinamerikas“

Patricia Gualinga und Grupo Sal
„Die Welt im Zenit“

Grupo Sal Duo

Alberto Acosta and Grupo Sal „ Buen Vivir – The right to a good life“

Abadio Green, Grupo Sal, Thomas Brose and Mehrdad Zaeri Concert for Amazonia – voices – sounds – pictures

Ernesto Cardenal and Grupo Sal Duo „A life for Nicaragua! Solentiname shall live“


2016 – 2017


Ernesto Cardenal und Grupo Sal Trio “Mein Lebenswerk”

Anlässlich der Verleihung der Ehrendoktorwürde durch die Universität Wuppertal fand im März 2017 eine Tournee statt, mit der wir gleichzeitig Ernesto Cardenals 92. Geburtstag gefeiert haben.
Mit gelesenen Texten aus Ernesto Cardenals Lebenswerk und lateinamerikanischer Musik von Grupo Sal Trio entstand eine harmonische Konzertlesung zu Ehren des Priesters. Lutz Kliche trug die deutsche Übersetzung vor.

Gioconda Belli und Grupo Sal Duo El intenso calor de la luna“

Gioconda Belli ist erneut mit Grupo Sal auf Tour und liest aus ihrem neuen Roman “El intenso calor de la Luna / Mondhitze”. Ihr Roman über die Geheimnisse, Erfahrungen und Abenteuer einer Frau um die Fünfzig zeigt uns, wie der Verlust der physischen Fruchtbarkeit auch der Beginn einer persönlichen Revolution sein kann – in der Ehe, der Liebe, der Einstellung zu den Mitmenschen.



“Concert reading– Etwas das im Himmel wohnt (Something which lives in the sky)“ with Ernesto Cardenal on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Thanks to the success of the previous tour in June this year, a new book of poems with new and not yet released poems by Ernesto Cardenal was published. This tour was meant to promote this book and celebrate Ernesto´s 90th birthday in combination with music by the Grupo Sal Duo.


“Pan y Tierra” collage on the topic of land grabbing with Beat Dietschy and Katharina Morello

The concert reading “Pan y Tierra” deals with the topics of land, nutrition and justice in an unorthodox way: with music, poetry, knowledge, humour and a vision of the future. The participants talk about current questions and connect the dots in this complex structure of ideas. Reports, songs and poems from different perspectives speak to the heart and the mind. The programme is thought-provoking and gives confidence.

“Deine Küsse verzaubern mich (Your kisses entrance me)” – concert reading with Pierre Stutz

The concert reading with the Grupo Sal Duo and Pierre Stutz is one of many programmes with engaged and special theologians like the Nicaraguan Ernesto Cardenal or the visionary Dorothee Sölle.

Pierre Stutz is a theologian, spiritual companion and author. He travels through the whole of Germany with his talks and courses. He is concerned with mysticism, hope and love and has sold over a million works. His newest book “Deine Küsse verzaubern mich” was the basis of this concert reading. He draws in the audience with his passion and openness.

“Die Frau lebt nicht vom Brot allein (The woman doesn´t survive on only bread)”

Gioconda´s poetry from the 70s is till today an expression of poetical and sensual power, intellectuality and the will to change one´s path in life. Her poems depict her turbulent and passionate life. She talks about the loss of youth and good-byes and talks about ageing in very self-ironic terms.


“Aus Sternen geboren (Born from stars)” with Ernesto Cardenal on occasion of the release of his complete works

On the occasion of the release of his complete poetical works, Ernesto Cardenal comes to Germany, Luxemburg and Austria. Ernesto is especially well-known in the German speaking countries.

Grupo Sal celebrates its 30th birthday in this year. For about the same amount of time, they have accompanied Ernesto or other artists in their engagement in important topics connected to Latin America.

“Republik der Frauen (Republic of women) – Concert reading with Gioconda Belli on the occasion of her new novel

Gioconda Belli reads fragments from her new novel and is accompanied by rhythmic tones by Grupo Sal. Her novel makes one wonder what it would be like if all men were banned from all jobs and if women took over the government. In Gioconda´s fictive country Faguas this happens – with unforeseen consequences…

2005 - 2009


“Den Himmel berühren (to touch the sky) – songs and poems about love, revolution, God and the world” – concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal

“Den Himmel berühren (to touch the sky)” this sentence by Novalis is quoted by Ernesto Cardenal in one of his works. It is above the programme of the concert reading of 2010 which is dedicated mainly to his literary and political legacy. Ernesto deals with the question of “What remains?” which has a clear political dimension. Ernesto talks about his experience as a poet, human and contemporary with selected texts.

“Spiel mir das Lied vom Brot“ – a concert collage on the topic of food justice with Katharina Morello and Ruedi Baumann

This collage is the manifestation of our desire to live in a more humane world. We think about possible solutions with music, humour, poetry, wisdom and visionary cheekiness. We try to come up with concrete visions which fuse ethics and politics. We want to highlight difficult interconnected problems and inspire change.

Funny and exciting stories interchanging with analytical reflections and musical and poetical counterpoints. A dialogue between the worlds. Songs, poetry and essays on the endless path to the possible.


“Träger der Träume (Carrier of dreams)” – concert reading with Gioconda Belli

When Gioconda Belli reads her poems, three decades of passionate womanhood pass by us. Her erotic poems cause a scandal in the strictly catholic Nicaragua, her political poems criticising the Somoza dictatorship force her into exile, her poems look back at good-byes and ignite a new fire kindled by the love of life. Gioconda Belli´s poetry has a been a symbol of poetical power, sensuality and the will to change one´s life since the 70s.


“Canto a la vida” – poems on love, mysticism and revolution” – concert reading by E. Cardenal

This reading reflects the poetical workings of Ernesto Cardenal in all its facets: his political thinking, his mysticism, his love for the revolution as well as his love of God. In a selection of well-known and not so well-known poems, one can see the essence of his life works.

Ernesto Cardenal and Grupo Sal want to celebrate the love of life and justice. They excite the audience with great quality in poetry and music.

“Sin Fronteras – limitless” – concert reading

Grupo Sal transcends genres and presents a catchy sound whose roots can be found from the Caribbean to Argentina and everything in between. With great empathy and a love to experiment, the musicians explore the wide horizons of Latin American music and present their experiences with passion.



“The forgotten peace” – Human rights in Guatemala” with bishop Alvaro Ramazzini

Bishop Ramazzini is known in Guatemala for his clear opposition to violence, social injustice and impunity. His commitment to the human rights of farmers and the native population has made him a respected personality.

Alvaro Ramazzini and Grupo Sal create a mix of high quality music and stories on the fight for human rights in one evening.

“The manuscript of seduction” – concert reading with Gioconda Belli

On the occasion of the release of her novel “El pergamino de la seducción (The manuscript of seduction)”, Gioconda Belli goes on a concert reading with Grupo Sal once again. The novel tells a bizarre love story in which a young woman, driven by her 20 year older history professor, delves into the role of a Spanish queen from the 15th century.

Grupo Sal adds modern Latin American compositions to the evening which support the narrative style of the author. With the interplay of literature and music we celebrate the nature of the woman – in resistance and love.

“Esperanza – against the luxury of hopelessness” – concert reading with Fulbert Steffensky

“In today´s day and age, hope has become a rare good. For some years we dreamt that wars might end. We thought that a just distribution of goods was going to happen, and that world hunger could be controlled. We were wrong”.

Fulbert Steffensky reads his texts on the topic of hope. Grupo Sal accompanies this selection of songs from Latin America whose lyrics are both concerned with hope and salvation. Even the songs which thematise misery, poverty and ostracism, are full of energy and vitality. They show the unbroken dignity of those who view music as a medium which can overcome helplessness and despair.

2000 – 2004


„Im Herzen der Revolution” Konzertlesung mit Ernesto Cardenal, Dietmar Schönherr und Klaus Götte

Wir freuen uns, zum Anlass des 25-jährigen Jubiläums der sandinistischen Revolution zusammen mit Ernesto Cardenal den dritten und letzten Band seiner Autobiografie vorstellen zu können. Seine Lebenserinnerungen geben spannende Einblicke in die jüngere Vergangenheit Nicaraguas: vom Sieg der Sandinisten über die Somoza-Diktatur bis zur heutigen Zeit.

„FAIRwandlungen – Traum einer gerechten Zukunft“ Konzertlesung mit Siegfried Pater

Mit dieser Collage von lebendiger Musik, fantastischen Geschichten und informativen Hintergründen verleihen wir unserer Sehnsucht nach einer „fairwandelten“ Welt Ausdruck: Poetische Texte von Pablo Neruda und Heinrich Böll erheben ihre Stimme für ein „humanes Prinzip“ in der Ökonomie, gelesen vom Begründer zahlreicher Dritte-Welt-Initiativen, Siegfried Pater. Gemeinsam mit Grupo Sal, die den kulturellen „Reichtum der Armen“ vorstellen und die Kraft der menschlichen Würde besingen, wird der Traum von einer Welt, die auf dem Kopf steht, beschrieben.



„Ich bin Sehnsucht, verkleidet als Frau” Konzertlesung mit Gioconda Belli und Viola Gabor

Ihr neuer Gedichtband „Ich bin Sehnsucht, verkleidet als Frau“, der im August im Peter-Hammer-Verlag erscheinen wird, ist ein beredtes Zeugnis ihrer poetischen Kraft und ihres Willens, das eigene Leben und den Lauf der Welt zu gestalten. Ihre Gedichte spiegeln die Empfindungen ihrer weiblichen Gegenwart: Lust und Schmerz, verbunden mit Rebellion und der Gier nach Leben.



„Solentiname oder die Poesie Gottes” Konzertlesung mit Ernesto Cardenal und Dietmar Schönherr

Anlass der Tournee im Herbst 2002 ist das Erscheinen des zweiten Bandes seiner Lebenserinnerungen. Thema ist das Leben in der urchristlichen Gemeinde „Solentiname“ (1966), einem Ort der Besinnung, der Poesie und der Solidarität mit den Ärmsten der Armen.

„Das Lied der Erde singen – in einer Welt der Gewalt” Konzertlesung mit Dorothee Sölle

 Dorothee Sölle bezieht in einer neuen Auswahl an Texten Stellung zum Thema „Gewalt“. Angesichts der globalen Gewalt neoliberaler Ökonomie verweist sie auf deren Auswirkungen: sie manifestiert sich in neuen Formen militärischer Gewalt ebenso wie in alltäglicher Straßengewalt und wirkt sich am verheerendsten auf das Leben der Ärmsten aus. Nicht zuletzt ist sie Gewalt gegen unsere Mutter – die Erde.



„Die blutroten Tomaten der Rosalia Morales” Konzertlesung mit Dietmar Schönherr

Ein erneuertes Zeugnis seiner Liebe zu Nicaragua stellt Dietmar Schönherr in seinem jüngsten Roman „Die blutroten Tomaten der Rosalía Morales“ vor: eine Reihe anekdotischer Geschichten, die der Akteur seinem Gefängniswärter als Gegenleistung für einen erleichterten Strafvollzug erzählt.

Zusammen mit seinen Freunden von Grupo Sal ging er anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des Romans auf große Tournee.



„Nuevas Visiones – Entwicklung braucht Entschuldung” Konzertlesung mit Wolfram Frommlet

Freche ironische Geschichten kontrastieren mit politisch-essayistischen Reflektionen. Stimmen des Südens wechseln sich ab mit moderner engagierter Lyrik. Der nüchterne Blick zurück, in die zerplatzten Träume von gestern, setzt Kräfte frei für die Visionen von morgen.

1995 - 1999


“Jeden Tag ein Fest – Geschichten aus Lateinamerika (Every day a party – stories from Latin America“ told by Dietmar Schönherr

This collaboration of Grupo Sal and Dietmar Schönherr is a collage of contemporary music and texts. It is opposed to alienation, resignation and injustice. Stories packed with humour, warmth, life and compassion for human weaknesses show the magnitude of small, daily gestures of fantasy and solidarity.

“Canto del Agua – Gesang des Wassers (The singing of water) – concert programme

This programme is an amalgamation of tradition and virtuous reinvention. This programme treats water as an image of life: calm, flowing, tumultuous – a gripping interplay of singing and multiple instruments. Powerful interpretations and soul-gripping arrangements beyond the purist model of ethno-sounds.


“Wasser ist Leben (Water is life)” – concert reading with Siegfried Pater

This collaboration combines complex musical entertainment with crucial information. The collage puts the way humans interact with water into an artistic context. Texts from world literature are recited by Siegfried Pater, but one can also hear reports by Maria Salete Pereira from the resistance movement against the Sobradinho-dam in North-Eastern Brazil.

“Mit Liebe füllen wir diesen blauen Planeten (We fill this planet with love)“ – concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Klaus Götte

Another tour based on “Cántico cósmico – Gesänge des Universums (Singings of the universe)”


“Verrückt nach Licht (Crazy for light)“ – concert reading with Dorothee Sölle

An interplay of Latin American music and writings from this famous theologian. Dorothee Sölle reads a selection of her own texts, prose and poetry and talks about contemporary political topics such as ecology, feminism and global madness. Further, she touches upon themes like mysticism and very personal topics.

“Den Kindern des Südens (The kids of the South)” – a programme with Dietmar Schönherr

The programme is dedicated to the working street kids in Nicaragua. “Human rights tell us that child labour should be illegal. Are we stripped of our actual right to live?” This is what the kids in Managua asked us. The programme tackles this question.

“De Maíz y Fuego – About Corn and Fire” – concert programme

The programme builds upon an interplay of poetical and powerful songs the tension between exciting rhythms and lyrical melodies. The backstory behind these songs are interwoven and the lyrics are translated to some extent.


“Von Träumen und Utopien (On dreams and utopias)” – a music collage

Latin America: a worn-down continent especially after a series of horrible dictatorships. And yet it is still a source of utopian concepts. This programme presents some voices of this utopia and sings about the dignifying fight for freedom and justice.

“Gesänge des Universums (Singings of the universe)” – concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Klaus Götte

Ernesto Cardenal presents his new book together with the actor and act historian Klaus Götte. The “Cántico cósmico – Singings of the universe” places love at the centre of the entire creation story. This book of poetry with about 500 pages is nothing less than a book of scientific poetry or poetic science.


“Erotic poems” and “Waslala” – concert readings with Gioconda Belli

This was the first concert reading with Gioconda Belli and the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration which has lasted until today.


“Aber die Hoffnung bleibt (But hope remains)“ – concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Dietmar Schönherr

This is the first concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal, Dietmar Schönherr and Grupo Sal

“Encuentros – Zauber gegen die Kälte (Magic against the cold) music collage

A meeting point between music and poetry with original compositions and contemporary Latin American music and an intersection of different cultures and musical genres which meet in Latin America.

1990 - 1994


“Aber die Hoffnung bleibt” (But hope remains”)-concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal and Dietmar Schönherr

The first concert reading with Ernesto Cardenal, Dietmar Schönherr and Grupo Sal.

“Encountros”-Zauber gegen die Kälte (Magic against the cold): music collage

A meeting point of music and poetry with original compositions and contemporary Latin American music where various genres meet in a playful manner.



“500 Jahre Einsamkeit” (500 years of loneliness)-concert reading with Dietmar Schönherr and Viola Gabor

Music and texts on the history of the discovered Americas

A critical collage on the conquest of America which took half a millennium. The first CD by Grupo Sal. Some of the lyrics are written by E. Galeano and L. Rugama, two Indian sages and are interwoven with the music in delicate ways.

“Caras-Faces of Latin America: at the meeting point of cultures”

In a time where the world shrinks more and more and where people are increasingly afraid of strangers, we see our artistic work as a way of bridging the gap between cultures who often do not understand each other.

The programme lives off the tension created by different rhythms, colours and atmospheres which characterise Latin American music.

1985 - 1989


“Colores”- concert programme

The first concert programme with the big line up. It took the audience on a journey to Latin America.



“Nicargua mi Amor”: A concert reading with Dietmar Schönherr

This concert reading was the first cooperation with Dietmar Schönherr and it marked the beginning of a long friendship which lasted until his death.

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