Abadio Green, Grupo Sal, Thomas Brose and Mehrdad Zaeri Concert for Amazonia – voices – sounds – pictures

Rainforest – between saving and destroying
A concert – collage with Grupo Sal, Abadio Green, Thomas Brose and Mehrdad Zaeri

With passionate music, visionary boldness and emphasized analysis, the evening invites to a meeting full of knowledge and desire for the topic rainforest . The programme of Grupo Sal „Concert for Amazonia“ touches all senses. It shows the rainforest from very different perspectives: modern Latin American music, political analysis, reports, indigene rituals and  live-painting.

Abadio Green and Thomas Brose

The main attraction is the meeting with Abadio Green, the leading representative of the indigenous people of the Tule. Abadio Green  speaks  in a very personal and direct way about  the way of living of his  people. He  brings about the magic  of the rainforest and  describes  the urgent threat of this habitat. At this „ meeting  of cultures“ Abadio Green meets Thomas Brose  from the climate-alliance. Green and Brose are at home in both worlds  and therefore excellent  mediators between the  worlds. Green is not only accepted as the elder of his people,  but is also  lecturer for ethno-linguistics at the University of Antioquia in Medellin.   Brose was  development worker in Brasilia and  today he is manager of the climate – alliance.  Both  describe their  point of view  of  the fight for the Amazone region and together they draw visions and solutions.

Grupo Sal

Grupo Sal  puts the audience into  strange worlds, produces breaks and condenses the atmosphere.  The passionate music encourages the audfience not to ignore the topic of the evening, but  to be interested in change and creating  perspectives for a better living.

Mehrdad Zaeri

Picturesque interpretations by Mehrdad Zaeri

With fascinating pictures and playing with forms, which are painted and at the same time are projected with the projector in front of the audience’s eyes, the light-artist Mehrdad Zaeri  creates a very special and very moving interpretation of the subject.

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